Opening Keynote - Andi Gutmans

Andi Gutmans | Tuesday, October 8 | 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM

In this keynote session, Andi Gutmans will explore the latest innovations around cloud, mobile and API first development. He will address a key question – while we are all familiar with the concepts and methods of agile development, how do we take that same mindset and approach, and apply it to the end to end delivery of our applications? Specifically how do we deliver our apps all the way to the market with a rapid, iterative and collaborative approach?

In this keynote Andi will put a focus on what it truly takes for a company to achieve agile delivery- from development through to production, and will share new developer tools, practices and innovations.

Andi Gutmans is CEO of Zend Technologies and provides vision and direction for Zend’s innovative leadership in the evolution and growth of PHP application development software and services. He has been instrumental in establishing and promoting PHP as a technology platform of choice for Web and mobile applications running on-premise and in the cloud. Andi has consistently championed the benefits of PHP openness, standardization and best practices among enterprise IT leaders and the developer community. As part of this effort, he has established strategic partnerships for Zend with Adobe, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, and led the vision and formation of the company’s Zend Framework open source project — two initiatives that are helping to drive PHP adoption among large enterprises worldwide.

Andi has been a key contributor to PHP since 1997, when he and Zend co-founder and CTO Zeev Suraski developed the foundation for PHP 3, widely acknowledged as a major turning point for the language. Soon afterward, Andi and Zeev introduced the Zend Engine, which powers PHP 4 and PHP 5. Today, more than one-third of the Web runs on PHP, which is used by an estimated 5 million developers worldwide.

Andi is a recognized author and frequent speaker on technology and business issues at global industry conferences. He is a member of the PHP Group and the Apache Software Foundation and holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

The rise of the Cloud Native developer

Peter S Magnusson | Tuesday, October 8 | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Google has spent years building out some of the most robust and scalable infrastructure in the world. Our data centres span the globe and our services support hundreds of millions of users daily. This in turn requires that we build our services to be highly available, react quickly to changing traffic and cost effective to run.

These problems are no longer the domain of large service providers like Google – organisations large and small around the world are demanding the same economy, scale and resilience in their own services. As online businesses become more global and play a larger role in our economy, the lessons from building elastic, distributed systems become increasingly important to every developer.

We’ll talk about some of the important and sometimes unexpected lessons we’ve learned at Google in building for the cloud – such as the importance of lightweight execution containers, relying on failure, and how to overcome the speed of light when building distributed systems.

And we will cover the rise of the “Cloud Native” developer – how engineers and organisations large and small now using these principles to build truly robust and scalable services, and businesses.

Peter is an Engineering Director at Google where he works with Google Cloud Platform products, including leading the Google App Engine team. Before joining Google, he wrote the Simics simulator and founded Virtutech, acquired by Intel in 2010. He is a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and is a 2012 ACM Fellow.


David Intersimone | Wednesday, October 9 | 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

What do you get when you combine Developers and Devices?

You have a “Devs2 a Palooza”.

In this Zend Confernce 2013 keynote, David Intersimone, “David I”, will take developers on a tour of the smart/intelligent sensor/device world and the opportunities for developers to create applications for next generation desktop computers, 2-in-1 devices, smart phones and devices of all types, shapes and sizes.

Today’s smart phones have location, accelerometer, orientation, cameras, microphones, voice control, alternative user interfaces and other sensors and devices. In the next few years we will also see sensors and devices for temperature, humidity, proximity, personal health monitoring, and more. We are also witnessing the appearance of more than trillions of wireless sensor devices with new opportunities for developers to build apps for wearables, automobiles, medical devices, meteorology, climate monitoring, home control, and more.

David will bring multiple devices to show what developers can build today and into the future.

Get ready for audience participation with the devices as well!

Apigility Technical Briefing and Q&A

Matthew Weier O'Phinney | Wednesday, October 9 | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Apigility is a new open source initiative led by Zend to promote API-first development of web and mobile applications. Apigility provides tooling to create APIs quickly and easily, using emerging standards and proven methodologies. The session will begin with a brief technical overview from from Zend Framework project lead Matthew Weier O'Phinney, followed by an interactive question and answer session with the apigility principal developers.

Continuous Integration & Delivery Keynote Panel

Luis Eduardo Colon; Adam Jacob; Rajesh Khazanchi; Maurice Kherlakian | Thursday, October 10 | 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

In “internet development time” where a year is three months long, maximizing the iteration of development and deployment is crucial, especially when we are meeting the new demands of a devices connected mobile world.

In this closing keynote panel, join industry experts in the practice of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery, hear their thoughts on what works and what doesn't and get a chance to ask them YOUR questions of the subject.

Luis Eduardo Colon is Director of Research & Development for CDS Global.

Adam Jacob is Chief Development Officer for Opscode.

Rajesh Khazanchi VMware's Group Product Manager.

Maurice Kherlakian is Lead Solutions Architect for Zend.

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